Is Detoxing the Key to Weight Loss?

Is Detoxing the Key to Weight Loss?

What is detoxing and how does it work?

Detoxing. News are always going on about it. You’ve probably heard people talking about the latest detox or cleanse that they’re on. Have you ever wondered what it’s all about and if it can help you lose weight? Well, “detox” is a really general term that is used to describe the removal of toxins from the body.

Detoxes have been used for centuries by many different cultures around the world. They cleanse the body in order to purify it. We are all aware that the body eliminates toxins from our blood and our system every day. It does this in a variety of ways:
- Exhaling carbon dioxide through the lungs
- Eliminating digested food and drinks through your digestive system
- Sweating through your skin
- Cleaning blood in the kidneys

So, when you detox, you eat, drink, and sometimes work out in a way that helps these organs take a break. They can then do their jobs more easily and at an optimal level.

Most detoxes focus on doing the following things in your body:
- Let the elimination organs rest a bit to combat their fatigue
- Improve circulation so that healthy blood flow can carry away toxins
- Stimulate the liver so that it starts removing toxins more efficiently
- Encourage the skin and digestive system to flush out existing toxins
- Re-charge the body with lots of beneficial bacteria, minerals, and vitamins

Healthy detoxing

Daily toxic overload

If you’re wondering if you should give a detox a try, think about this. As the amount of pollution, pesticides, and chemicals we’re exposed to every day grows and grows, the elimination systems in our bodies can get pretty overwhelmed and compromised. You can imagine the kind of toxic overload your system has to deal with on a daily basis. Even just in comparison with your grandparent’s generation.

There were way fewer cars on the roads. And also way fewer chemicals in the food and water they consumed. Our exposure to chemicals and toxins is only getting worse and worse each day. You can see how years of exposure at this level can compromise your internal elimination systems.

Urban pollution

Do you need detoxing?

We have to take some extra measures to protect ourselves from toxic overload. This ensures our systems get back to functioning more efficiently. If we don’t give these organs a “time-out” and some TLC every now and again, we can start to see the effects of an over-worked system.

These symptoms can include:
- Excess weight gain
- Constant fatigue
- Lack of Motivation
- Bad skin or acne

But if you really want to know if you need to start a detox, try this quick quiz.

Body Toxicity Quiz

The link between toxins and weight gain

What happens when your body is overloaded with toxins and your system is struggling to keep eliminating them? You guessed it. Excess weight gain! What is the link from our body’s elimination system and how many pounds do you put on?

Think of it this way. The body has a really efficient system in place to process food and burn off fat that isn’t needed. But when this system gets compromised by too many chemicals or pollutants, it’s like dipping the cogs in a tub filled with mud. Everything gets clogged up and slows down. It’s no longer as efficient as it was designed to be. A detox acts like a clean rinse of water to that muddy system. It helps organs get back to their best performance levels.

This is super important. Certain toxins can mess with your metabolism directly and really start to slow it down. It’s like they hold your metabolism hostage. In turn, you continue to put on more weight, even if you’re eating less. That’s where the detox comes in. A cleansing wash to help you re-set and start melting away fat again. And don’t be fooled. Your body is capable of losing weight.

Slowed metabolism

What kind of detoxing is right for me?

To understand what kind of detox will be most beneficial to you, consider some different choices. Some of the most popular detoxes are:
- The Red Tea Detox
- The Lemon water Detox
- The Green Tea Detox
- And the Juice Cleanse

…just to name a few.

We’ve all been there. The real low point in our weight struggle. Shame and frustration hit. It will even start to affect our work and personal relationships. Maybe you have put away that bikini and clingy dress you wanted to wear this summer. Maybe you are turning down invitations to the pool or the beach because you don’t want your friends to see you like that.

Often, we reach the end of the rope after weeks and months of struggling. And at that point we are ready to try literally anything that will help us lose weight. The desperation outweighs our sound judgement. We just want to get our body back! This is when a lot of people make bad decisions about weight loss. Your health will be impacted negatively. And the bad news is that kind of weight loss won’t stick.

Working out

The light at the end of the detox tunnel

The bad news is that failure at the weight loss game can turn you off it entirely. Forever. And you’ll feel depressed and unhappy with your body for the rest of your life. The good news is that even if you’ve tried all the diets and all the detoxes and nothing helped, there is hope.

Meet naturopath Dr. Liz Swann Miller. She found a super-effective way of detoxing the body. And it happens to be delicious, gentle, and safe. She has a recipe for an amazing Red Tea that she learned from the local women while travelling deep in the heart of Africa. And the best thing is, the ingredients are so common that you might even have them at home already. Her Red Tea Detox kick-starts weight loss and helps you get back in control of your own body.

“What I learned was that yes, indeed there is a tea that not only stops hunger cravings but also burns fat and gives you unlimited energy,” Liz said. “This discovery was well worth whatever hardships I endured in my travels.”

Red Tea Detox

Is detox healthy for weight loss?

Some detoxes aimed to help you lose weight are quite extreme. They require you to drink harsh liquids like a cayenne pepper drink, or pure lemon juice on an empty stomach. They also ask you to suffer through severe hunger and cravings for weeks in order to get your desired results. Many health professionals agree that these severe methods can actually do damage to the stomach and the body in general. They always recommend a more gentle way to help the body detox.

That’s also what seems to work best for long-term weight loss. The Red Tea Detox that seems to work so effectively was actually developed by a naturopathic doctor. It is all-natural and really gentle on the body. The general consensus is that people feel full and satisfied all day. And those stubborn cravings for sweets and junk food are finally gone. There is no suffering or damage like with some of the extreme cleanses or detoxes. 

Red tea detox

Should you try detoxing?

Detoxing can be a really effective way to cleanse your body of toxins. It will free your metabolism to start losing weight naturally again. There are many different ways to detox. But beware. Not all methods are effective, or worth the consequences they may have on your system.

A natural, gentle, and sustainable way seems best for the body. It also appears to achieve the best long-term results. This is simply because crash diets and harsh detoxes can only be done for so long. After a few weeks, you fall right back into your old habits. So, take the time to do your research and decide for yourself what kind of approach you want to take.

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