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Is It Time to Try Keto?
The new catchphrase in dietingKeto. A sustainable diet that helps you lose weight while minimizing cravings is everyone’s dream! No[...]
Is Detoxing the Key to Weight Loss?
What is detoxing and how does it work?Detoxing. News are always going on about it. You’ve probably heard people talking[...]
Can Hormones Make You Lose Your Mind?
What are hormones?Everyone has hormones. But only few people actually know what hormones are and what they do. Women tend[...]
Belly Fat – the Silent Killer
What is belly fat?Belly fat - many of us are all too familiar with the spare tire, muffin top, or[...]
Toxic Baby, Toxic World?
Toxic Baby ProductsToxic baby products should be on everyone's mind. Having a newborn is an adventure all on its own.[...]
Diastasis Recti and the Do’s and Don’ts of Ab Separation
What is Diastasis Recti?Diastasis Recti Abdominis, or DTA, or “Split abs”, is one of those medical terms you start hearing[...]
Are Organic Products Overrated?
The Question of Going OrganicTo buy or not to buy organic products? It is no question that in the last[...]
Cellulite And the Truth About Getting Rid Of It
Cellulite – Dimples of the Worst KindEveryone fears it. The dreaded cellulite. It appears just like the dimpled skin of[...]
Does an Alkaline Diet Have a One-Up On Cancer?
The Alkaline Diet and Cancer You may or may not have heard of an alkaline diet before. But, chances are[...]

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